Tracks | Train Customisation, Circus Items

:HealUp: Train customisation

The Scenery menu has new options for changing the look of your train:

  • Individually pick colors for the body, base and trim
  • 3 paint patterns: Blank, Lines and Checkerboard
  • Paint condition - Optional chipping and damage
  • Paint thickness - How intense you want the colors to be
  • Option to hide the whistle

Styles are currently saved and loaded within your track files. Let me know if you would prefer them to be in their own little category. 

There is a checkbox to prevent your current style from being overwritten when loading a new save.

:HealUp: Improved Scenery controls

Fog Color has been replaced with Sky Color. 

It works in a very similar way but now you can set the color of the sky (and fog) even with a very low Density value - no more default yellow when you want a clear day.

Lowering Fog Density now also changes how quickly it becomes thick, so slightly lower values can fade out far away objects while close ones remain clear.

If you load a save made in a previous version you might need to tweak the values a bit to get the same look that you had before.

:HealUp: Updated engine

Tracks now runs on the latest version of the Unreal Engine. 

Upgrading can add new bugs (reports in the forum are appreciated) but keeping up-to-date is important for the long term health of the game, and the latest version includes some nice new features for me as the developer.

:HealUp: New Objects

:romopolis_house: Funfair Tent
:romopolis_house: Circus Tent
:romopolis_house: Ferris Wheel
:romopolis_house: Hot Air Balloon

:romopolis_house: Lorry
:romopolis_house: Caravan
:romopolis_house: Camping tent
:romopolis_house: Barbecue

:romopolis_house: Bushy Tree
:romopolis_house: Palm Tree
:romopolis_house: Palm Tree Group


:fix: Fixed Track Supports sometimes being flipped when loaded
:fix: Fixed certain objects immediately creating another copy when placed
:fix: Fixed Scenery Tone not being saved correctly
:fix: Various improvements to the quality of the train textures
:fix: Fixed the snapping size option failing when it became incredibly small
:fix: Fixed collision shapes for the lamp and TV stand in Modern Apartment
:fix: Fixed the train getting stuck when running through tunnels in quick succession
:fix: Fixed an issue when changing level while mid-transition from the menu to the game
:fix: You will no longer be shown a red Down piece option if you're already on the floor
:fix: Moved Turntable from the experimental category
:fix: Color wheel shade now adjusts based on the value slider
:fix: Added an animation to make it clearer when the color wheel switches function
:fix: Scenery sliders now work with percentages instead of arbitrary numbers
:fix: Fixed scenery options not updating when loading if the save has the default settings
:fix: Fixed some text in the Toy Box not changing size with icon scale
:fix: Fixed tutorial saying you need to hold Alt for alternate mode

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