American Truck Simulator Codes

It has come to our attention that the serial codes printed on the reverse side on the manual can be hard to read where some letters look similar. Currently the letter Y can look very similar to a V. If you are having issues with your code please try changing any Vs to Ys and visa versa.


Product Support

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We have produced an FAQ to answer the most common queries we receive. This is updated regularly when we see questions being asked more requently.

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Patches & Updates

We often release both software and driver updates to fix issues that come to light after a product has been released. We recommend that you first search our website to ensure no updates are available and then only proceed with support if any available updates do not rectify the issue you are experiencing.

Driver Updates

If your problem relates to slowness, program crashing or general jerkiness, we first advise that you update your computer’s software. However since the variety of hardware for computers is vast, it’s not possible for us to give precise instructions here. You will find these on your PC manufacturer’s website. We also recommend that you use the Microsoft Windows Update Tool. Graphics, motherboard and sound drivers are very important to the correct running of your machine. It is generally a good idea to keep checking these are up-to date as great speed enhancements can be gained by doing so.

Other problems

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