Shoppe Keep 2's 1st Ever Early Access Update

Hello everyone,

Last week saw the launch of Shoppe Keep 2 in Early Access.

It has been an overwhelming week for us on the Shoppe Keep team. We've seen thousands of players enjoy the game and are very humbled by the response so far. We still have a lot of work to do and we hope that as the game continues to grow and evolve over time you will be happy to try out new features and mechanics.

This week has been focused on bug fixing, though there are a few new features and additions. Below are just a few of today's' highlights

Full Translations Added

Shoppe Keep 2 is now fully translated into Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Browsing Customers

Increased chance to see customers who will just browse the shoppe. These customers will not buy anything, but will just like to see what you have on display.

Changes to the HotbarThe hot bar has been given a small makeover to improve it with some polish and suggestions from the community. Here it is before the changes...

And here is the hot bar after today's update...


The Hate System

The hate system is a new feature which will allow players to see the frustration of customers in-game. Hate is generated by a customer's bad experience, whether it is walking through trash, seeing an item priced too high or other factors. Pressing the L key will bring up a list of all of the interactions your customers have had with your shoppe and what kind of response that it will have on your shoppe reputation.

This will let you see how your customers react and what kind of prices they would have offered and are willing to pay. You will be able to make adjustments to your stock and then try to negate any negative reputation

A negative experiences generates much more hate than a positive experience, so the player must be able to make up to customers three fold to negate any negative opinions. 

Corner Furniture Piece

The corner furniture piece is a testing item, it is being introduced to test the functionality of it and there may be issues with this furniture piece. We plan to include it as a fully fledged furniture piece once we've worked towards an update which introduces the family houses. So don't be surprised if in the coming weeks this furniture piece is removed.

We have added a few known issues to the "known Issues thread" which hopefully this update will address, I'll be looking at tidying that thread up tomorrow. If you want to check out the current known issues (albeit this is slightly out of date due to today's build) check the link below:

And below is the most recent known issue which is still present in today's build.

Inability to stack items in container when there are ten item types already in the containerContainers currently have a known issue. If 10 items are currently in the container, no more can be added, regardless if that item already exists in the container itself.

A way around this is to remove an item from the container and then place it back in with the additional number you wish to add.

The state of Shoppe Keep 2 in Early Access

Of course it is important to note that none of the features in the game are complete. All features are constantly in development and there will be balance changes and adjustments to many variables during the Early Access process. We are reacting to community feedback on a daily basis and many mechanics will change based upon important information that the community shares with us. We appreciate your patience and support during the development period.

Additionally, although we are testing old save data, during the Early Access period save data may have issues. If you experience any issues, please contact us at with your save data info. The save data can be found in the following directory:

C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Strange Fire\Shoppe Keep 2\Saves

Below is a list of the changes, fixes and additions to todays build!

Build 0.105.2345150 Change Log
World Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • 2 New NPC vendors in the world at Level 2 town
  • Sign changed near the farm to reflect who to talk to in order to purchase the farm
  • Spider nests don't require you to complete the hunting quest anymore. Spiders should spawn more often now (35 sec spawn timer)
  • Secret NPC moved
  • Big sign added to gates indicating how to open them
  • Sun rise now finishes at 8:12
  • Updated Management house visuals to better fit the town, changes with the town level
  • Invisible walls added to edge of the open world
  • Plain Wolf size increased by 40%

Feature Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • Sold items negate the hate generated, but it requires 3 sales to negate a single overpriced item
  • Customers who do not like the prices will generate hate towards the shop[e
  • New day negates 5 hate units
  • 1 Hate is negated by cleaning up a trash pile
  • Press X to autoequip item from hotbar
  • No longer able to fill furniture with items it can't hold
  • Hitting a non thief customer generates 3 hate units
  • Charge/Release bow functionality added
  • Mouse Sensitivity has been halved
  • On death you cannot loose items that are marked "Can'[t drop"
  • Fixed Chest input/output for clients/hosts. you might see a delay in items being plopped in/out the UI depending on your internet speed. will be remade once again in the future, for now it at least works!
  • Default shoppe appeal lowered to 45%, increased by keeping it clean and having decorations
  • Increased town upgrade cost
  • Foliage slider added (This is the biggest cause of hiccups when turning around, lowering it helps - increasing it makes the terrain look better, but might cause performance issues, we are working on it)
  • New Furniture piece - Corner Shelf. Added to the management house to purchase and test it in this patch, it will be a part of the new family house system later on if nothing game breaking is found with them
  • Better Hammer aim interaction with furniture/highlighting
  • Chest input exploit fixed
  • Armor Rack available at level 2 Blacksmith
  • Slow health regeneration for players - 1hp/2s. So you heal up when increasing vitality, but does not affect combat
  • Useless feature added

Audio Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • Tutorial Billy speech volume adjusts to in game volume

Item Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • Bread worth raised to 30 mun
  • Apples removed from tree drops, added to starter order scroll
  • Crab scrolls functional

Network Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • Removed option to host a friend-only game. To play with friends, please select the private option.
  • The Traitor suicide achievement

Misc Visuals

  • Better camera angle on hand customisation in the main menu
  • Shader lightning reworked
  • If the game notices an FOV smaller than 1, it should auto-default to 60.
  • Plate Chest visual when held fixed
  • Fixed high FOV wall clipping

Customer Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • Female customers with dresses now have underwear under their skirts
  • Chance for customers browsing without buying increased
  • Frenzied customers will spawn if enough Hate is generated
  • Customers will no longer disappear into a puff of smoke inside the shoppe
  • Customer kick damage (When not frenzied) halved

UI Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • Quest log icon in the escape menu won't interfere with text
  • Notification text in the chat panel should continue being written out even after a few hours of play
  • Able to scroll right on stomach customisation for female characters
  • Twitch UI is open to test, access in the main menu options
  • New UI for world objects
  • Updated Hotbar Visual
  • Shoppe hate bar represented under the hotbar
  • When hate is close to the frenzy threshold, you get a notification about it
  • Holding display stand in-hand won't show its worth/profit text
  • Added Loading prompt to Splash Screen
  • When ordering stock, seconds until arrival count down in the UI
  • Pressing L opens the reputation UI that shows what caused your shoppe hate to rise or lower
  • Hate Tip added, video to be made

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