Shoppe Keep 2 | Level 3 Town, Families Arrive

Hello Keepers!

Welcome to Shoppe Keep 2's biggest Early Access update so far! Level 3 town progression and families have now been added. New items to use and sell, as well as countless tweaks and bug fixes have also been introduced.

Level 3 Town

You're now able to upgrade your quaint hometown once more, representing a boost in wealth due to your excellent Shoppe Keeping skills. Once you've hit the required tax threshold, you can now upgrade your town to level 3, changing the aesthetic of your home.

But the upgrade doesn't just impact visuals - upgrading the town to level 3 also unlocks some vital objects to use in your Shoppe, including mannequins, item displays, a weapon table and a pedestal for consumables.


The powerful and influential Selutarr, Jotunn and Squalo families have arrived in Customerania! Once you upgrade to a level 3 town, each family brings brand new items for you to use and sell in your Shoppe, but there's a catch. Each of the families will keep a close eye on how much of their stock you sell, impacting your reputation with them.

An age-old rivalry between the three families means that they look unfavourably on you selling stock from their nemeses! Selling an item from a family will increase your reputation with them, while also decreasing your reputation with the other two families. Each family uses their power to either give you buffs or debuffs depending on your reputation with them.

Each family has their own little space in the open world of Customerania, so make sure to go and give each of them a visit!

Selutarr Family

If you have a positive reputation with the Selutarr family, they will reward you with...

  • Bonus: A portal which can be placed anywhere in the world. You can then travel between this portal and the management house. The portal lasts 24 hours.
  • Passive Bonus: All stock orders are delivered into the management house instantly.

And if you have a negative reputation they will punish you by...

  • Causing any stock orders to be delivered to a random crafter within the town, instead of landing in the management house.

Jotunn Family

If you have a positive reputation with the Jotunn family, they will reward you with...

  • Bonus: Special furniture which has 200% durability and anything sold from it will give you an additional 15% revenue.
  • Passive Bonus: An upgraded hammer, which will fix the durability of furniture with just one hit.

And if you have a negative reputation they will punish you by...

  • GIving stone boots to customers, meaning that they do more damage than usual when kicking your furniture

Squalo Family

If you have a positive reputation with the Squalo family, they will reward you with...

  • Bonus: A special consumable that grants you a flying squid which sticks by your side. The squid will feed on nearby items every five minutes, picking them up and adding them to your inventory.
  • Passive Bonus: Unpaid tax strikes against you are eliminated.

And if you have a negative reputation they will punish you by...

  • Teaching thieves to be more stealthy, walking instead of running, making them harder for you to spot. The Squallo family will also grant thieves lightning-proof underwear, meaning that they are resistant to the Thief Zapper attacks.

Reputation with each family will slowly move down to 0 again if none of their items are sold.

Full Patch Notes

Selutarr Family

  • Adds 3 items which can be sold in your shoppe
  • Adds a portal which can be placed anywhere in the world which will allow you to travel between the management house and the portal you place.
  • Adds a buff when you have good reputation which makes all deliveries instant
  • Adds a debuff when you have bad reputation which puts all your deliveries into the house of a random crafter

Jotunn Family

  • Adds 2 items of furniture which have 200% durability, a shelf and a counter. When an item is sold from the shelf or counter, a 15% revenue bonus is triggered.
  • Adds 3 items which can be sold in your shoppe
  • Adds a buff when you have good reputation which lets you fix furniture with 1 hammer hit
  • Adds a debuff when you have bad reputation which gives customers rock boots which do extra damage to furniture when kicked

Squalo Family

  • Adds 3 items which can be sold in your shoppe
  • Adds a buff when you have good reputation which eliminates unpaid tax strikes
  • Adds a consumable when you have good reputation which attracts a flying squid to your side which will pick up nearby items for you and put them into your inventory.
  • Adds a debuff when you have bad reputation which teaches thieves how to be stealthy, so they no longer run and cannot be affected by the Thief Zapper


  • The town can now be upgraded to level 3
  • Female characters have received additional voice overs
  • Blacksmith sound effects have been updated
  • A notification sound has been added to alert you when the day starts
  • Additional display pieces added. These are unlocked when the town is upgraded to level 3:
    Item Display
    Weapon Table
    Consumable Pedestal
    Jotunn Shelf (adds +15% to price tolerance) 
    Jotunn Counter (adds +15% to price tolerance)
  • Additional tool tips added
  • Intro flyby camera added to the tutorial
  • Added the ability to filter the icons on the world map
  • Added notice boards outside each crafter to show what they are currently crafting and their progress
  • New notification system added to show changes to items and wealth.
  • Doors added to buildings you can enter
  • New notification board added to management house, alerting you of planned events such as inspections
  • Wolves have a chance of inflicting a bleed debuff which does damage over time.
  • Spiders can now immobolise players
  • Hovering over a special icon in the item description will show a tool tip explaining what it means
  • In Single player you are now able to pause the game
  • Added free-cam mode for screen shots, to access press F2
  • Enabling free-cam in singleplayer instantly freezes time
  • Saved screenshots are 2x size of your current resolution
  • Free-cam shows information regarding available option
  • Rain added


  • Completing the tutorial now grants a Steam Achievement
  • If the tutorial Achievement is found, you can skip the tutorial on new saves
  • Initial loading time has been decreased thanks to loading optimisation
  • Improved smoke animations
  • Hair is now visible when wearing a hat/helmet
  • All order list items are filtered by price from the highest to lowest
  • Quest marks can now be seen through geometry when close to the quest giver
  • Furniture cap raised to 420
  • Margin increased by charisma has been nerfed. Now ~100 charisma = +3%
  • Tutorial now only requires 3 trash piles to be cleaned
  • Chris and Ruta are now permanently in the tavern
  • All staffs are now 2 handed items
  • Wang receives his own house
  • NPCs within the tavern now have action sounds assigned
  • Signs put at Wang's place and Sir Shell's indicating that they will come around when the town is upgraded
  • Purchasable trash can available from level 2 town from the furniture vendor
  • Corner shelf price decreased
  • Price gun is now hidden when selecting items which cannot be sold
  • Tax threshold will not decrease to 1k after 1 day with less profit
  • Displays now sway slightly when moved around during placement


  • Iron ingot is no longer a consumable, local dentists are furious at the loss of business
  • Grand Keeper glove now correctly shows on mannequin
  • Bows appear correctly when placed on displays
  • Fixed an issue with customer face to face selling
  • Fast travel point localisation fixed
  • Grand Keeper mannequin pose distortion fixed
  • Arrow and magic projectile hit box is smaller
  • Trash Cans in town correctly show when full
  • Goat killing quest will only appear after Fang is killed
  • The correct creature is now shown when using the mercenary for hunting
  • Fixed an issue with apparel specialisation

The Shoppe Keep 2 Team

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