FS Design Studio 3



Designed by award winning developer Abacus Publishing, Flight Simulator Design Studio V3 simplifies the design, construction, animation and implementation of aircraft, static displays, flight-line vehicles, buildings, cars, trucks and ships or in fact anything else you want to fly or use for static or dynamic scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This completely updated version adds the latest visual techniques and graphic effects to an already large repertoire of commands, time-saving shortcuts and a comfortable user interface specifically engineered for first-time user friendliness which will enable you to create even better and more accurate looking aircraft and 3D scenery. What's more, designing and creating your own aircraft for your flight simulator sessions is almost as much fun as flying them!

Updated design features include:

  • New Full FS2004 compatibility. Uses MakeMDL and BGLComp tools to provide complete FS2004 feature set
  • New Scenery compatible with FS2004 Libraries
  • New Boolean operations provide a powerful way to cut and split parts.
  • New Animation capabilities as provided by the FS2004 documentation
  • New Support for using specialized textures: night time, light maps and more
  • New Export to .x file format. For advanced users who want to "tweak" the .x file for MakeMDL
  • New Unlimited Undo/Redo. Protects your model from inadvertent design errors. Roll back each design operation, step-by-step
  • New User selectable Auto save interval. Safeguards your model from computer failure.
  • New FSDS V2 compatibility. New version recognizes and handles earlier file versions.
  • New Aircraft Specification Sheet simplifies setup of new aircraft for Flight Simulator
  • Updated Pre-Processes allow for conditional display of parts
  • Updated HELP files with tutorials for making animated scenery. 

Create – Animate – Fly! 

System Requirements

 Required Software Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Operating System Windows XP(SP3) / Vista / 7
Processor Intel 2 GHz or greater
Memory 1 GB system memory
Graphics Dedicated graphics card with 64 MB memory
Hard Drive 500 MB available space